Our aim
The gloves’ designing and manufacturing is our job and we love it. This is why we never stop and day by day, we spend our time in research and development of new materials and new patterns. Our expertise and wish to realize new solutions to achieve new goals, let us to create innovative articles for different fields of applications.

TWIG® gloves are unique on the market for several reasons...

HIGH QUALITY AND RELIABILITY : TWIG® gloves are all cut and sewn and are realized with particular care to the detail in order to grant finest quality and reliability. SYNTHETIC MATERIALS : with the purpose to offer continuative quality products, TWIG® products are realized with high quality synthetic raw materials mainly selected from qualified suppliers. NEW MATERIALS : TWIG® is always looking for new materials to increase comfort and sensitivity respecting quality and resistance. Some of them have been created exclusively for us by our suppliers, to offer new solutions to the daily problems in specific application fields. COMFORT AND DEXTERITY : TWIG® is market leader in comfort and dexterity for protective gloves, including our winter gloves range of products. 4 OR MORE SIZES : almost all TWIG® gloves are available in 4 sizes, in conformance to European regulations, and some of them are available in 6 and even 7 sizes for a perfect fit. THE DURABILITY : TWIG® gloves have a high durability for the purpose they have been designed. LAUNDRABLE : almost all TWIG® gloves are laundrable, in order to offer the possibility of re-using them more times. THE FRESHNESS : TWIG® articles are innovative for design, materials and solutions (EG flash car accessories’ field, removable lining like Nitrotech and Artik). CARE DURING PRODUCTION AND PACKAGING : the production unit in Vietnam takes special care during production and packaging procedure that are monitored from a step by step control quality. LABOUR : the production unit in Vietnam avails itself only of qualified adults in full respect of the fundamental local rights of the workers. ITALIAN STYLE : Italian design, meaning of style and elegance, is the mark of the whole range of TWIG® gloves.flash.htmlnitrotech.htmlartik.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0shapeimage_3_link_1shapeimage_3_link_2